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Czech Republic – Azerbaijan 0: 0, misery in the attack takes and the championship is away

The Czech footballers have two points for the three-round qualifying rounds, with Northern Ireland and Azerbaijan. There was a clear Saturday defeat of 0: 3 in Germany.

The match did not win the sixth match behind. Waiting for the goal takes 273 minutes. Only the Czech Republic and Cyprus in the European part of the qualification in the three rounds did not crown…

The Azerbaijan’s lack of performance was unimportant. He was not the only player to praise. It is not possible to praise this result.

“Not that the boys do not want to.But it is the fact that in some situations we missed the right moment for a perpendicular pass, especially in the first half of the game, “said coach Karel Jarolím.

” It is not necessary, it is not necessary to be very cheerful ” there was an unofficial anthem of representation betting analysis before the match. “To experience ruins – it does not matter!”

But in this case, it is a matter of great importance. The World Cup has moved away, even though the qualification has just begun.

“Having three points two points is a complication, of course, but the procedure is still not lost. It’s still playable and we will fight for the fight, “the striker Milan Škoda screamed.

Preventing the black scenario had seven changes in the set.Stoper Brabec, left defender Sýkora, midfielder Droppa and striker Schick have entered the first eleven for the first time in their lives.

The team, which was unable to face the Germans on Saturday, was only keeper Vaclik, stoper Sivok and midfielder Dock with Krejci.Among the substitutes remained after the unsuccessful match Captain Suchý or usual support Kadeřábek.

But nothing helped.

The Czech Republic started solidly. The biggest the best sports betting online chance was after a half-hour after the beautiful striker Skalák, who shot hard from the border of the penalty area.However, Azerbaijan goalkeepers Agayev were very good players.

But Dočkal fired just next to the goal and headed by Gebre Selassieho, whose goal just scored before the end of the half.

While in the first half the Czech players had at least the upper hand, in the second half a long time. A few centers or unsuccessful missiles could not threaten Azerbaijan’s strong defense.

Until the end, the pressure grew again. But the substitute Škoda at the end burned a huge chance after a few meters hit the goalie. He did not even get the head out of a promising position. At that point, it was clear that the Czech team again disappointed us.

“We are trying to play ahead but the final stage…No breakthrough passes, anything to think about, to get around one-on-one. Of course, it’s a disappointment for me, “Jarolim added.